Flooring Supplies in Charlotte, NC

Whether you are in need of concrete stain, dyes or coatings, our team of experts is here to assist you. We can also provide polished concrete supplies, concrete repair and cleaning assistance. If you need any help when it comes to moisture reduction so that you can remain more proactive, we have got you covered. Be sure to give us a call or stop by whenever you are ready to get started on the task at hand. Don’t make the mistake of trying to go it alone! We are here to assist all commercial clients.


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Commercial Flooring Supplies

When it comes to commercial flooring supplies, we have the items that you need to tackle any issues that may crop up. Our cleaners will handle any problem that comes their way and our burnishers and buffers are perfect for any flooring situation. Concrete repairs are handled with ease, and we also take care of any concrete coating concerns that a commercial client may have.

Additionally, we are able to provide access to concrete stain, dyes, densifiers, floor prep supplies, grinders/hand grinders, moisture reduction materials and polished concrete supplies. All you need to do is describe your flooring and the issue you are looking to address. The rest will take care of itself. Vacuums, tooling and cup wheels, sundries and stamp and stencil materials are on hand as well.

Flooring Supplies in Charlotte NC

Decorative Concrete Supplies

We specialize in assisting commercial clients who are looking to maintain their decorative concrete. For starters, we can align our customers with the polishing pads that work best for their specific needs. Ceramic bond transitional and semi-metal diamond pads are available. A wide range of polishing pucks can also be had, including resin, dry diamond and metal transition grinding.

There are even plenty of densifiers and burnishers to choose from, ensuring your ability to make the best possible choice. That’s not all that we have to choose from, either. Concrete maintenance pads, cup adapters, burnishing pads, concrete conditioner, acid sprayers, refinement systems and diamond floor pads will have your decorative concrete looking its absolute best.

Coating Supplies

When it comes time for coating, we are more than happy to walk you through the process. Some may require an epoxy coating, while others benefit more from a full surface shield. Maybe you are in need of a fast-cure epoxy or maybe you require a high-build epoxy? No matter what your needs may be, we are certainly here to align with the top products. Primers, urethane, base coating and flex coating supplies will also assist a plethora of different commercial clients.

Polished Concrete Supplies

It takes a proactive client to ensure that their polished concrete looks its best. We know the importance of maintaining these investments and we offer the most essential items for polished concrete. Grinders and polishers are an absolute must, and this is the easiest place to get started. Our diamond tools for grinding and polishing are also second to none.

We also understand the importance of being able to enhance your existing polished concrete. Stains, dyes and other flooring agents can be found here. Our team of experienced professionals will give you all of the necessary background information, allowing you to make the right choice for your commercial establishment.

Flooring Equipment Service

Our commercial clients often require flooring equipment, so that they can handle the tougher jobs that come about. We have a varied selection of vacuums, as our single-phase equipment and dust extractors will have any commercial flooring looking its cleanest. Clients who are in need of grinders for their commercial flooring can choose from our floor grinding options or select something that is handheld.

Scrapers, shot blasters, edgers, walk-behind saws, strippers, mixing stations and various sealants/crack fillers can be utilized for floor prep purposes. Be sure to ask about our supply of burnishers and buffers, too. No matter what needs a commercial client may have, we have the perfect flooring equipment to handle them. Best of all, we service any equipment that we sell, so that you are not left to handle cumbersome repairs on your own.


When it comes to the most commonly used concrete coatings of modern times, they are either hybrid of (or fall under) the following four categories: polyurethane, acrylic, urethane and epoxy. The properties and molecular makeup of these categories are often tinkered with by manufacturers. This allows for improved performance and other various advantages. Lower VOC and faster curing times are chief among them.

Of course, durability is always crucial when it comes to the time to choose a concrete coating. Fortunately, we are here to provide a top three that all of our clients can benefit from. We will help you narrow the decision and choose the one that is best for you. Restore-A-Garage epoxy coating ranks at the top of the list but Rust-Oleum offers two quality options as well: RockSolid epoxy and EPOXYSHIELD.

Once a client is ready to choose the best sealer for their decorative concrete, there are a number of factors that need to be considered. All it takes is a bit of research to zero in on the best option, though. In our years of experience, there is one sealer for decorative concrete that ranks at the top of the list. SealThane is the top-rated sealer in these instances, and it is the one we will typically recommend.

The answer to this question depends on the coating that is chosen. Siloxane is the least penetrating and only lasts 3-5 years. Siliconate, silicate and silane will last for 10 to 25 years and should be chosen based on the specific needs of the client. Siliconate is best for curing new concrete and blocking moisture. Silicate is the top choice for polished concrete. Silane is the most expensive because of the deep penetration that it has to offer.

Flooring Supplies in Charlotte NC

Need Flooring Supplies in Charlotte, NC?

In need of commercial flooring supplies in the Charlotte, NC region? Give our team the chance to assist you. As soon as you are ready to embark on your latest project, be sure to give us a call or stop by. Our group of experienced professionals is more than happy to provide answers to any and all questions that prospective clients may have in a timely and efficient manner.