Flooring Supplies in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, GA commercial clients will typically rely on our goods and services when it comes time to handle their flooring concerns and for good reason. With our wide range of selections and experienced team of professionals, we can handle any questions or concerns that come our way. We instinctively understand the requirements of each of our clients, aligning them with the necessary solutions as soon as possible. Thanks to this guide, commercial clients can learn more about all of the assistance that we have to offer.


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Commercial Flooring Supplies

We know that commercial flooring issues will flare up at any time and that’s why we provide all of the most crucial supplies in one convenient location. Our team prides itself on serving as a one-stop shop for any and all commercial flooring needs. Whether you are looking to seal your concrete, repair it or find the right tools for daily maintenance, we are more than happy to align with the correct products.
After all, commercial establishments must remain as proactive as possible in these instances. It does not matter if you are looking to dye or stain the flooring, or you are looking for assistance with floor prep. Let us know more about the task at hand and we will provide you with the pertinent supplies. In need of densifiers, moisture reduction materials, vacuums or stamp and stencil materials? All you have to do is ask.

Flooring Supplies in Atlanta GA

Decorative Concrete Supplies

Decorative concrete looks gorgeous, but maintenance and repair can be a hassle. Atlanta commercial clients often turn to our experts when they are looking to avoid such issues. Polishing pucks are a great place to start, as we offer a number of different choices in this regard, including resin, dry diamond and metal transition grinding. The same goes for our polishing pads, with ceramic bond transitional pads and semi metal diamond pads are available.

We are also happy to provide more background on our densifiers and burnishers, so that our clients make the most informed decisions possible. In need of concrete conditioners or acid sprayers? No worries. The same goes for any client that finds themselves looking for the right refinement systems, concrete maintenance pads or burnishing pads.

Coating Supplies

To get the most out of any coating project, it is important to lay the proper groundwork. It can be hard for commercial clients to decide between epoxy coating and full surface shields. We’ll walk you through the pros and cons for your specific project. This is especially for those who seek epoxy coating, as there is no shortage of options to select from. If you are not informed of the differences between high build and fast cure, we are here to help. Ask about our primers, urethane, flex coating and base coating as well.

Polished Concrete Supplies

Polished concrete is easier to take care than a commercial client may think. This is where our team of experts and our varied supplies come into play. Whether you are looking to maintain or enhance the concrete in question, we are here to help. With our selection of grinders and polishers, life is made simple. Be sure to ask about our diamond tools as well.

Additionally, we have any flooring agents that you may require, including dyes and stains. There is no reason not to enhance your existing flooring with all of the tools that you are going to have at your disposal. Our team of experienced professionals gives you all of the information that you need to make the best choice for your polished concrete.

Flooring Equipment Service

Flooring equipment can be hard to come by and to make matters more challenging, it can be tough to find a company that provides the necessary service. That’s where we are able to stand apart. Our clients have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that any potential issues with our flooring equipment will be handled in as timely of a manner as possible.

In need of vacuums that are able to handle your toughest jobs? You have come to the right location. The same goes for those who seek the necessary floor grinding options, as well as burnishing and buffing. Edgers, sealants, crack fillers and shot blasters can be found here, ensuring your ability to eliminate any issue that has managed to crop up. Our equipment even allows commercial clients in the Atlanta region to be more proactive.


Commercial clients will have four different types of concrete coating to select from. The following four selections are either hybrids of or will directly fall under these categories: acrylic, epoxy, polyurethane or urethane. Manufacturers often look to provide faster curing times and improve performance, so they will often experiment with various properties of each category. Molecular makeup is another area that manufactures may tinker with.

This can be a challenging decision but fortunately, there are three high quality options to select from. The number one choice in these instances is usually Restore-A-Garage epoxy coating. However, other clients may benefit more from Rust-Oleum’s top two choices: RockSolid epoxy or EPOXYSHIELD. We will take the time to ask the most crucial questions, so that you are aligned with the proper option for your commercial needs.

This is a simpler decision to make, as our experts have already done all of the required homework. To handle any and all decorative concrete related sealing concerns, SealThane is the best choice for the job. Ask our professionals if you have any further questions about its effectiveness.

In order to make the right choice, commercial clients need to learn more about each concrete coating option. Siloxane only lasts for 3-5 years, making it a lesser option. The other three choices will all last between 10 and 25 years. Siliconate is the top choice for any client looking to cure new concrete and block moisture. Silicate coating is more suited to those with polished concrete. Silane is the favorite choice of clients with deep pockets who are looking for the deepest possible penetration.

Flooring Supplies in Atlanta GA

Need Flooring Supplies in Atlanta, GA?

Atlanta, GA commercial clients will benefit immensely from giving us a call or stopping by as soon as possible. There are a wide range of benefits to be enjoyed when you rely on our team of experts. Take a moment to contact us as soon as you are ready to start a new project or even if you are looking to become more proactive about your existing flooring. When you speak with our experienced professionals, they will efficiently address any questions and concerns that you may have.