Polished Concrete Supplies

Nikka Corporation has specifically designed brand of polishing products called our Black Diamond series.  Black Diamond was created out of necessity due to the lack of products with the correct amount of active ingredients or sufficient solid content to produce high quality, long lasting, and vibrant Polished floors.  The Black Diamond Brand includes surface preparation chemical, hardeners and densifiers, guards and sealers.  Our Black Diamond brand also has a full line of concrete polishing tooling,  concrete grinding, and polishing equipment.  Click the link to see our full line of polishing supplies:  www.BlackDiamond.NikkaCorp.com

Black Diamond First Step

FIRST STEP is a pre-grind, surface prep, cleaning and etching compound that is biodegradable and non hazardous material that helps prepare concrete for easier grinding. FIRST STEP allows you to start at a higher grit level in the diamond grinding and polishing process while significantly lowering your labor and diamond costs. FIRST STEP can also be used to prepare floors before acid staining and dying of concrete . Additional benefits include: FIRST STEP De-greases and emulsifies oil, grease and other dirts in one application.

Diamond Hard Densifier

NC-DHD is a one component water based siliconate and lithium based solution designed to densify and add waterproofing characteristics to cement and concrete substrates. The densifier reacts with the cementitious ingredients to densify and add water repellency while allowing deep penetration to chemically harden and fortify the substrate. After the chemical reaction occurs, the substrate will be more abrasion resistant and help protect the surface from wear, moisture and efflorescence while remaining breathable

Diamond Hard Diamond Guard

NC-DHDG is a one component water based ultra small particle size polymer designed specifically for use in the grind and polishing of concrete/cement as a surface conditioner and stain guard to be applied before the final polishing step to increase long term performance, gloss and stain resistance.

Diamond Hard Guardian

NC-DH Guardian is a one component,water based,ultra small particle, functionally stabilized, hardening and protective coating specifically for use in the grind and polishing of concrete as a stain guard.